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Dear Eddie & Mario:

We love our puppy...he is perfect...I am still stunned that he got off the airplane, out of his crate, wagging his tail the whole time...when we got him back to the farm it was like okay I'm home now let's play...he is already going in and out his kennel door...we have 3 small indoor/outdoor kennels in my laundry room that allows the dogs to each have there own indoor/outdoor run during the time we are seeing clients in the hospital...he has already met the chickens which he seems to approve of and will be meeting the goats when they arrive next week...the cats are not pleased with the new addition but that's a cat for you..."Sailor Boy" our Congo African Gray is already talking to him telling him what a good boy he is...I started taking photos yesterday and will forward some to you later this week.

You guys have been super...thank you so much for everything.

Best Wishes,

Alaska, USA

Hello Eddie,

Just wanted to let you know we are very happy with the 2 Komondor pups we purchased from you last year. (dogs now!)
The father is just beautiful. Attaching picture of him. The female's coat has been a problem so we have been keeping her clipped shorter.
They are both with the livestock quite a bit and do a good job of guarding.
We were surprised by a litter of 8 pups about 3 weeks ago. Unexpected, but we love it. Already have 4 of them sold.
I also attached a couple of pictures of them.

We have been very happy doing business with you and have referred others to you and your excellent service.


Albert Lea, Minnesota

On Thanksgiving Day we were watching the National Dog Show on TV. The next thing we knew we were searching for information on Komondor puppies (a large and unique breed originally from Hungary).

We looked online and found websites to reach breeders in the U.S., and called several of them to inquire about their puppies.

Then we found the website for Europuppy. We were somewhat concerned that they were based half-way around the world, and wondered about their legitimacy. We contacted them and to our surprise received a reply instantly. Monika answered all of our questions and concerns and we decided to purchase two puppies.

We wired the money to them on Monday and received the puppies (from Budapest, Hungary) that Friday.We took the puppies to our vet immediately and found them to be healthy (no parasites, no illness). We are totally pleased with the whole process. Our puppies are absolutely adorable, very affectionate and thriving here in Southern California. We are so happy with them that we contacted Monika to offer Europuppy this testimonial, and so others in America would know that this company can be trusted.


The Clothiers,
from San Juan Capistrano, CA
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